Database Export

Penetration Testing or Cyber hacking, call it what you like because it does not really matter in the end its all the same thing - our main service focus is to get the data you request out of the server or grant you access to go in yourself, view and modify it as you wish, it's as simple as that. We set deadlines, goals and terms on every job we take in form of written agreement - our online presence is undeniable and a quick Google search will show you some of the aftermath results on our previous targets.

DDoS Attacks

You want to cause damage to a certain online store, personal blog or news outlet? Want to send a message? Take them down on their rush hours to harm to their buisness and cause them profit loss? We will take their website or application down for a predefined amount of time, keeping them offline for days or hours.

DB Search Engine

Exclusive access to our private data search tool with over 800 million results of registered users across numerous websites, including information such as emails, passwords, usernames, addresses, IP address, timestamp logs, metadata and more. The project is constantly being fed new databases which we personally acquire and cannot be found elsewhere.

Social Platform Hacking

Viber, Instagram, Whatsapp, Tinder and Facebook Messenger - Exporting personal conversations from instant messaging applications is a per case scenario in terms of whether it can be done or not, but we attempt to do it nonetheless.

Email Hacking

Whether it is a personal domain, company email, or a free email provider based email - We have an abundance of tools and information that we can use to crosslink credential combinations and find the required information to breach your targeted email account.

Location Tracking

GPS Location Tracking & Phone Data Theft. If your target has a Samsung device and is logged into their Samsung account, we can breach their Samsung "Find My Mobile" feature to track them, alternatively, if your target is logged into their account on Google Play with a gmail account, it is possible to breach their Gmail and then remotely install our stealth tracking application available through Google Play to monitor them. This method can also be used to extract Call logs, sent/received SMS and view existing Gallery photos and images files via Google Photos.

Formed in 2017, IK CyberSecurity Group does not limit itself to a label.
Partnered and in coalition with several other major organizations, we provide
both Ethical Hacking, White and Black hat hacking solutions for diverse
clientele on a company or individual level.

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